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          中文 中文
          Welcome to China Celtic valve limited company management website!

          KAIERTE VALVE CO., LTD. is setted up in 1992, which specializes in design,development,manufacture and sales on valves. Our company is the member of China Valve of the Association of the network with many years of production experience. Our ...

          Ball valve
          Butterfly valve
          Gate valve
          Globe valve
          Check valve

          Power station valve
          Hydraulic control valve
          Non standard valve
          Other valve


          Stable quality: the implementation of quality control, the whole process of nuanced, omnidirectional detection!
          Reasonable price: efficient internal cost control, reduce the expenditure, to help customers!
          Fast delivery: advanced production lines, sufficient stock, shorten the delivery time!
          Procurement refers to the surface
          CKV valve, high quality valve supplier your, your long-term friends!

          1.The procurement list fax to 0577-86418577, Or call the Advisory 0577-86416999.
          2.Receiving customer purchasing list, we then provide valves offer "price list" and select "valve type" service for the customer.
          3.The concrete matters agreed: the delivery, special requirements etc.

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